Dr. Heidi Hutner, Director and Producer, is a professor of Sustainability and English at Stony Brook University, and a scholar of nuclear and environmental history and ecofeminism. She is the winner of Sierra Club Long Island's 2015 Environmentalist of the Year Award. At Stony Brook University, she teaches courses on the environmental literature, history, and film. She chaired the Sustainability Studies Program for six years and was Associate Dean in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Hutner publishes widely as a writer and journalist on nuclear, environmental and gender issues. She regularly gives public and keynote talks at universities and conferences on environmental studies and ecofeminism. Her current book project, ACCIDENTS CAN HAPPEN: VOICES OF WOMEN AND NUCLEAR DISASTERS, will accompany the documentary and forms the basis of the film series. Hutner's many books, book chapters, and essays have been published by Oxford University Press, University of Virginia Press, Palgrave Press, Rowman and Littlefield Press, Broadview Press, among others. As a journalist, she writes for the New York Times, Ms. Magazine, Public Radio InternationalDAME, Spirituality and HealthMom's Clean Air ForceYes!, Tikkun, and more. Hutner produces the popular web video show, Coffee with Hx2, in which she interviews world experts, Nobel Peace Prize winners, McArthur Genius Fellows, and other luminaries on sustainability and environmental issues. She recently appeared on the NBC News Think episode, “Clean Water is a Human Right” and gave a Tedx on "Eco-Grief and Ecofeminism."  Hutner was the associate producer of the off-Broadway climate-change musical, Endangered. For more about Heidi Hutner (and full list of her projects/publications), see her website: HeidiHutner.com.


Kale and Napa Cabbage Salad with Carrots and Cranberries, served with a Japanese Dressing


6 cups kale leaves, chopped 

12 cups Napa Cabbage leaves, cut into thin slivers

2 cups grated carrots, about 6 large carrots

2 cup dried cranberries

3 Tbs. Olive oil

¼ t. salt


Japanese Dressing

1 stalk celery

1 Onion

Juice of ½ lemon

Juice of ½ orange

1“ piece of ginger

white pepper (touch)

½ cup. Brown Rice Vinegar

½ cup tamari

1 ¼ cup canola oil

4 Tbs Ketchup



  1. Rinse and dry kale greens, chop or tear it up and place it in a roomy bowl. 
  2. Toss the kale with 3 Tbs. olive oil and ¼ t. salt, and massage the kale leaves between your fingers for 5 minutes, until the fibers break down and the kale gets soft.
  3. Add the cabbage, carrots and cranberries
  4. Using a blender, make the Japanese Salad Dressing 
  5. Toss salad with dressing and serve