My guest is Lauren Groveman, a fellow chef and culinary professional, with a deep commitment to promoting the nurturing, loving dimension of thoughtfully prepared and shared home cooked meals to help heal and restore even the most hectic household and/or fragmented family. Lauren is also an award winning author, television and radio host, recipe developer and teacher. She is the President and Founder of the not-for-profit company called Hands-On-Food, Inc., which teaches culinary arts and life skills, along with empowerment concepts, to high-risk individuals, including incarcerated female inmates on Rikers   images-1Island, where she, through her company, built a teaching kitchen in the female high-school facility. She taught on Rikers Island for 11 years, before leaving there to create a culinary program in a Brooklyn facility, for female adolescents. Please join me in welcoming Lauren, and learning more about her cooking style and non-profit work.

Vegan Reuben- Makes 2 sandwiches

1- 8 oz. block organic tempeh, cut into thin slices

Olive Oil or Safflower oil

Tamari (to taste)

1 cup Organic Sauerkraut, drained

½ cup Daikon Kimchi

Vegan Mayo

Organic German Mustard (or for a sweeter option, try Honeycup Mustard)

4 slices of your favorite bread

Slice the tempeh block into quarters, and then divide each quarter horizontally in half, creating 2 thinner slices, 8 slices total. Sauté each slice in oil until golden brown, turn over and repeat on other side. When both sides are golden, sprinkle with tamari in the hot pan and allow it to sizzle and coat the tempeh. Remove from pan and lay out on paper towel to absorb the oil. Wipe out pan to use again.

Chop the daikon kimchi into smaller pieces and combine with the sauerkraut. Cook over medium heat until hot.

Toast the bread and spread each slice with vegan mayo and mustard. Divide the tempeh between the two sandwiches, top with the sauerkraut mixture, and enjoy!